Flatify – The Convenient Flat-Sharing and Household App 

Keeping track and efficiently managing household work between you and your flat mates or family members can be tiresome. Because of that, the right app on your smartphone can help you run things smoothly. We looked and we found one flat-sharing and household app for you to do that and much more. Read more about Flatify.  

What is Flatify? 

Flatify is a flat-sharing and household app that is developed for IOS users. Create cleaning plan lists, to-do lists, finances, bill share, shopping list, and calendar reminders. With this planner you can group chat with members, plan, and organize to arrange your house together with your flat mates, roomies, or family members. Create profiles, add members, make lists, set reminders, and do your tasks properly.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This flat-sharing and household app offers variety of features for you and your flat mates. Create cleaning plans and distribute fairly the tasks in the house hold. Keep overview of chores, check lists, set reminders and earn points for completed tasks.  

Using this app, you can keep track of the expenses and finances in your household. Split expenses evenly in the shared apartment among all roommates. The overview for adults shows who owes you money or who to repay money to. You can also see the history of payments received or paid. Make payments via PayPal. Create shopping lists, keep track of purchases, take photos of invoices, and share shopping lists.  
It has a shared calendar to remind you of important events, share dates with roommates, add important dates and set reminders for hangouts with roommates. The group chat feature allows you to chat with others within the app to discuss any events, tasks or anything else. See history of completed tasks, export expenses, see recap, create multiple shopping lists, set profile status, and more with the app.  

Download the app now on App Store to organize your household with your flat mates!  

Official Website: Flatify   

App Store Download Link: Flatify