Pixana – The Photo Rating Platform for Unbiased Opinions and Feedback  

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If you want to elevate the quality of your photos, improve photography skills, or simply need help choosing the right photo for a special purpose, there are apps for you to do that. We looked and we found one photo rating platform to give or receive ratings on photos from people with unbiased opinions. So, read more about Pixana.  

What is Pixana? 

Pixana is a photo rating platform that is developed for Android users. It’s easy to use, fast and honest platform where you can rate or receive ratings on photos based on a 5-star scale. You can rate photos of people from all around the world. Receive unbiased opinions and feedbacks by others on your own photo too.

Why Do We Love It? 

This photo rating platform offers features for giving or receiving ratings on photos. Have access to other people’s unbiased opinions and feedbacks. You get to rate photos of other people from all around the world and people can rate your photos too.

You can use the app to test and check if your photos are good enough before using them for any purpose, like dating apps, job applications or social media. Also, on the app, you can specify the age and gender of your raters to decide who can rate your photos.  

Improve your style, your photo-taking skills, and much more by finding the opinions of others on the photos you take. Filter results by regions to see where your photos are received the best. There are different categories, from business, cosplay, dating, to outfit. Elevate the quality of your photos.  

So, download the app now on Google Play to rate or receive ratings on photos to get unbiased opinions! 

Google Play Download Link: Pixana