myTeleDoc – The Medical App with Access to Online Doctors Anywhere, At Any Time  

Medical physician holding smartphone with mockup in hospital cabinet while male nurse is working on computer. Healthcare specialist in hospital cabinet using smartphone with mockup.

With the right medical app on your smartphone, you can receive remote healthcare services from well experienced healthcare professionals without stepping foot in their office. Because of that, we looked and we found an app that offers you access to online doctors at reach, at anytime, anywhere. So, read more about myTeleDoc.  

What is myTeleDoc? 

myTeleDoc is a convenient and reliable app developed for IOS users. It’s designed as your online doctor, offering quick and easy access to doctor consultations no matter where you are. Get expert doctor advice, prescriptions and referrals, all inside this app. Store medical files in one place, stay informed, and get access to consultations, all in one place, at any time, with this app.  

Why Do We Love It?  

This medical app offers quick and easy access to GPs consultations via fully encrypted video calls. Unlimited consultations are available with no hidden costs, just a fixed monthly fee. You can have your appointment wherever you are, getting expert medical opinions, advice, prescriptions, and second opinions as well. See doctors from home, at any time in the day and night.  

Store your medical files in one place, safely and securely with this app. Also, access past visits, see prescriptions, and upload medical files with ease. Stay informed with the app’s blog on a variety of health-related topics. Just register, select region, and get a free doctor’s visit. Over 300+ doctors are available to help you out.  

On this app you can get help with many different health issues, from allergies, blood pressure, coughing, anxiety, dizziness, fever, flu, and many other health inquiries. Schedule an appointment with experts and get on up to 30-minute calls. Digital visit reports are also available as well as international doctors for second opinions. Currently available in Albania, Kosovo, Romania and Bulgaria to try it out.  

So, download the app now on App Store to access doctors online and get expert opinions! 

Official Website: myTeleDoc  

App Store Download Link: myTeleDoc