Sound Touch – Lingo Word Quiz Is a Fun New Educational Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers to Learn New Words, Language or Boost Vocab

Cute little toddler boy playing with smartphone Healthy baby touching mobile phone with fingers, looking cartoons and having fun with educational apps. Child at home side view

If you are frequently at home and your toddlers are climbing the walls, but you aren’t yet ready to let them watch Netflix or play complicated PC/console games read on. Today we will suggest a new educational game called Sound Touch – Lingo Word Quiz. Think of it as a fun quiz game that will also help your little ones learn something new.

General Introduction – Sound Touch

Sound Touch – Lingo Word Quiz is an iOS educational game that enables kids to learn new words through sounds, audio, and text. In that way kids can learn new words, and also learn how words are spelled and pronounced. The game is divided into 6 categories of words including Animals, Wild Animals, Wild Birds, Vehicles, Musical Instruments, and Sounds at Home. With its simple tap controls, as well as content, the game is intended for toddlers, preschoolers, but also for older kids that want to learn a new language.

35 Languages, 3 Game Modes & High-Quality Pictures + Audio

What we loved about Sound Touch – Lingo Word Quiz is that it offers 35 languages to choose from. It is not an English-based app as similar games in the educational category. Additionally, there are 3 game modes to choose from: Sounds, Spoken Words, and Written Words. Meaning the player needs to pick the correct picture after hearing a sound, word, or reading the word.

Sound Touch – Lingo Word Quiz also features high-quality imagery and audio. It is perfectly optimized for iOS devices and it’s Ad-Free to eliminate any accidental clicks or unnecessary frustration. It is rightfully priced at just $2.99. We believe it is one of the best investments you should consider for the cognitive development of your kids. Especially, since it’s published from the creators of one of the best kids educational apps on the App Store.