The Most Popular and Functional Open-Source Project Management Software

Analysis of the open-source software application market clearly shows, and we can be sure, that these products are best suited for managing all kinds of digital projects on the Internet. Let’s overview the brightest representatives, but if you are not satisfied with the open-source solution, you can always order the custom software system from the reliable developers.
In terms of price and quality of available options,  more companies are looking towards open-source program solutions, allowing teams and projects practical cooperation.

For such helpful software, optimization of agenda, resources, business procedures, individual and group time outlay is a little endeavor designed to benefit you. Here is a list of various complexity and content programs, from simple solutions to a complex list of options suitable for large companies. They are providing control over every single joint project component.

We will briefly look at the most commonly spread open-source software that offers differently packed platforms. If none of them will meet your expectations, you can always order suitable and convenient fully customized for your bespoke software solution–site.

1. OpenProject

The most suitable and popular of all team and company sizes is the cloud-based OpenProject platform, which fits from lunching to attainment, providing a selection of agile and scrum serviceability options—bringing Gantt charts in both free and paid plans. But customization is available starting at $7.25 user/month.

2. MyCollab

Starting at $19 user/month, with a 1-month free trial, easy-going, interface-friendly, full-featured, MyCollab is the utility of choice for any small to medium scale rated company. If you choose a free “community edition” you will still get a Kanban project management technique and CRM.

3. Orangescrum

With a standard set of tools so far, such as Scrum, Kanban Gantt charts, the Orangescrum program can provide open-source cloud or self-hosted versions applicable for government agencies and freelancers likewise. And just starting from $8 monthly for up to 10 worktables, and receive lifetime custom options in premium plans.

4. ZenTao

ZenTao is a professional Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) that overlays all basic and advanced procedures for software development. Supporting all needed management tools that can differentiate depending on categories which it works on.

The paid plan pricing starts at $24.9 as a flat rate and differentiates from the free plan by its customizations options.

5. GanttProject

GanttProject is a simple to start and work program with an uncluttered design for time and task scheduling management. Recommendable for small and medium enterprises that prefer Gantt and PERT charts.

Its functionality allows interaction with Microsoft Projects and Excel, exporting and downloading PDF, PNG, and HTML if an overview is vital on projects and charts.

The one-time payment per user starts at $5, and it does not differ from a Free plan.

6. Taiga

Taiga’s versatility attracts designers, developers, project managers, teams, and companies like Orange, HP, and Airbus. Its tools are the best for them. Pure and intuition drove excellence in visual presentation, making securing it to stand separate.

Standard features, customization, real-time reporting and changes, and third-party unification, including Asana, Trello, Jira, and GitHub – are great for multi-functional teams.

For Kanban adherents, $7 per user per month is available software. For “public projects” it is free.

7. Leantime

Uncontaminated clean software products and flexible projects–Leantime is the weapon of choice. You can apply its tools at any stage of the development process.

Leantime offers techniques for agile and lean approach supporters. Gantt, Kanban charts, backlog features allow monitoring and managing significant components of a project, as well as all tiny tasks. Integration with Slack, timesheet, and calendar are excellent add-ons to free and paid plans that start at $5 per user per month.

8. ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre presents itself as the strongest competitor in the battlefield of the open-source software market, and Microsoft Project is just “not big of a deal” for them.

All that is needed is here-cost management, resource calendars, and baselines, multi-project management for teams. No-names and IBM, AMD, Cisco, Boeing, and Time Warner are part of ProjectLibre thriving users community.

MS Project compatibly is an example of ProjectLibre resourcefulness, supplemented with Gantt charts, PERT charts, and RBS (Resource Breakdown Structure) charts.

Open-source project management platforms are a reasonable, budget-friendly solution if you need high customization and multi-team cooperation. That will allow along the way to success to structure, control, and revise your work.

Though, a strong technical team is vital to make these platforms work and intergrade, the best suitable manner for your goals.

An Open-Source software allows teams and projects to synchronize and interact, helping in planning and control. Providing customized management.

These platforms help to coordinate multi-task projects, making them a sufficient tool to enhance the performance of internal processes and business overall.

Charts, tables, and time management sections of its software support the CEO of the project with all real-time information and resources involved.

Immediate data processing, easy-to-read presentation of ongoing tasks, and analysis make it a self-explanatory solution.

Extensive customization options make work pleasant and intuitive and worthwhile.

All of the above consequently gives us a list of benefits of open-source software:

Bespoke solutions to your needs

All-in-one-pack platforms feature many handy problems solving tools.

But flexible and tailored customization could be much better suited for project management and team cooperation, not to mention design and handy specific additions.

Open-Source system framework

A management platforms framework consists of applications and software add-ons that provide precise and flexible utilities to custom modifications in one specific project or for all team’s needs.

Automated workflow

For purposes of complete reports on request, in-time notifications for participants, precise analytics, and budget-saving procedures, cloud-based platforms for any scale business are the perfect recommendation. And all of it can be archived by bespoke software.

Centralized data aggregation

A custom-built project management software can also focus on specific tasks to simplify and optimize specific and problematic issues in the team’s work.


In order to succeed in today’s competitive, decentralized world, where management techniques and new technologies are developing at an accelerated pace, it is crucial to keep up with the proposed convenient solutions.

It is essential to understand the current challenges in managing teams and projects in development. It is more important to anticipate the future and look in advance for effective ways to overcome the difficulties. If you are not satisfied with the ready solutions, order the one you are dreaming about. There are many advanced teams on the market.