Kronos – The CoD Zombies Companion App 

Players of CoD Zombies know how it can be hard to find all the guides, news, and every other information in one place. However, there are companion apps nowadays for CoD Zombies. We looked and we found one companion app for players of the game to get all the guides, news, and party up in one place, regularly updated. Read more about Kronos.  

What is Kronos? 

Kronos is CoD Zombies companion app that is developed for IOS users. This app is designed for players of Zombies, it’s easy to use and user-friendly, offering you all the guides, news, and party up you need in one place. Join the community of over 50.000 and stay up to date with the latest Zombies Easter Eggs, get all the information you need just by using this app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This zombies companion app offers variety of features for players of Zombies to enjoy and stay informed at all times. In this community of over 50.000 you will be able to stay up to date with the latest Zombies Easter Eggs.  

It offers you guides with all the information you need. New quest and Easter Egg steps are being updated on this app as they are discovered. Easter Egg guides for all the maps and all the future maps are available on this app too.  

On the app you will also be able to party up. View and create posts directly on this companion app to look and find people to play Zombies with. You can also delete posts on this app if you want with just a tap. Stay updated and informed at all times using this companion app for Zombies.  

Download the app now on App store to stay up to date with all updates and info on Zombies! 

App Store Download Link: Kronos