Play A Lovely Augmented Reality Mind-Tease Filled With AR Surprise and Suspense

There are tons of puzzle games available for smartphones nowadays. However, if you are looking for something more exciting, something to take your love for puzzle to the next level, we looked and we found one augmented reality-based puzzle game that offers this and much more. Read more about Cyberlaser. 

What is Cyberlaser – Augmented Reality Puzzle? 

Cyberlaser is a super exciting and fun augmented reality-based puzzle game that is developed for IOS users. This game offers you the chance to experience real world gaming using AR. It will put your skills on the test as you try to guide the laser to the energy crystals avoiding all the obstacles on the way. Challenge yourself and enjoy the thrilling AR journey on your iOS devices.

Why Do We Love This AR Puzzle? 

This augmented reality-based puzzle game offers variety of features that will hook you to playing on your first try. All you need to do in this AR puzzle is to guide the laser to the energy crystals using mirrors, portals, and explosions.  

You get to experience real world gaming using AR. Just place the game hologram on a table, floor or any other flat surface to start the game. Be careful and get through all the obstacles on your way, guiding the laser precisely.  This can be tricky as you progress.

Tons of exciting and challenging levels will test your skills in this game. Also, the more you progress, the more challenging it becomes. So, be precise, strategic, and fast, guiding the laser to the energy crystals to win each level of the game.  

Download the game now on App Store to experience real world gaming using augmented reality! It is a perfect game if you want some new challenges filled with AR and puzzle.

App Store Download Link: Cyberlaser