Lucky 777 Pool Makes it Easy to Check Your Cardano Ada and Cardano NFTs

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If you are not familiar, Cardano is a public blockchain platform similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, it is open-source and decentralized, with consensus achieved using proof of stake, and not proof of mine. If you have Cardano Ada or Cardano NFTs read on, as today we will present you Lucky 777 Pool, an app that will help you check your balance, as well as win Cardano NFTs.

What is Lucky 777 Pool?

Lucky 777 Pool is the app of 777 Pool which is a Cardano validator. However, unlike most Cardano validators, the app offers extra features such as Cardano wallet and NFTs marketplace. Not only you can buy NFTs using your Ada tokens, but you can also win rewards every week. 

How can you make use of it?

The app works in a simple way. Once you download it, you can see the Pool Information. This shows you the Pool Analytics of the Lucky 777 Ada pool and there is data for the number of delegators, margin, pledge, and stake. 

The app also has its own NFTs marketplace where you can view and buy NFTs with your Ada tokens. However, the main difference between this Cardano NFTs app and the other is that you can also win NFTs every week. To win Cardano NFTs you need to join this Cardano validator.

Besides these features, the app offers its pledgers or any Cardano wallet holder to check the Cardano balance. But besides checking Cardano Ada, users can also check all their Cardano NFTs. It’s one of the first apps that enables users to check Cardano NFTs on mobile.

So if you are familiar with the Cardano blockchain and your own Cardano NFTs make sure to try Lucky 777 Pool. It’s free and available on Google Play.