Accountability Partner That Rewards You for Being Mindful 

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Nowadays apps can help you improve and take better care of your well-being. There are tons of these apps, for many different purposes available to choose from. Because of that, we looked and we found one new app designed as your personal self-care accountability partner, offering all the support you’’ll need on your journey to improve your life. Read more about Artern. 

What is Artern – Accountability Partner?

Artern is an AI self-care accountability partner and journaling tool that is developed for iOS & Android users. Artern allows you to keep track of every moment in your life you want to. Life events, milestones, goals, and every other important moment in your life that affected you keep track of it in one place, with this app. Not only that, Artern rewards you with monthly surprise gifts, cards, and physical treats shipped directly to your address, which is one of the few amazing unique features of this self help tool.

Why Do We Love It?

This self-scare accountability partner uses secure Artificial intelligence to support you in your journey. The more you tell this app about you, the more it will support you on your journey with personalized responses, support, and gifts. 

With this app you can track life events, milestones, and even not-so-pleasant moments, all in one place. Just create an account and you are ready to start your self-care journey. Share about yourself, reflect on your days in the “What’s On Your Mind” field, and let Artern support you. 

We loved how Artern gives you real-life affirmations and mails them directly to you, tailored with you in mind, suiting the life moments you shared with this app (it can be a journal entry or a goal accomplishment). Start your journey to self-care and take care of your well-being. 

Try the app now on App Store or Google Play to start your journey to self-care!