Aviation maintenance evolution in Malaysia

Technological advancement has been bringing about a change to the way people live, work, and travel. In this era of artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, etc, modern aircraft have become extremely sophisticated, diverse, and technology-driven. To cater to such ultra-modern, fly-by-wire jets, the Malaysian aviation maintenance companies are increasingly relying on equally advanced software platforms. Even though the tech advancement is yet to see large-scale adoption by all MRO aviation companies in Malaysia, the solutions are now available. Leading companies have started using some of the most advanced solutions that are embedded with AI, analytics, and IoT tools and offer the ability to deliver faster, smoother, and superior services to their clients.

Using advanced aviation maintenance software to take care of the maintenance needs of aircraft as different from each other as sleek private jets, massive passenger jets such as A 380, cargo planes, advanced fighter aircraft, reconnaissance planes, drones, UAVs, etc, has become essential in modern times. While taking care of the aircraft, it is not just their type and size, but also their roles, onboard technology, and advanced equipment that has to be taken care of. If the MRO aviation companies don’t deploy equally advanced aviation maintenance software then the chances are that they won’t be able to efficiently handle the tasks.

It is quite easy to deploy even the most advanced MRO aviation solutions offered by the leading international service providers. Based on cloud platforms, such software offer features such as multi-tenant capability, real-time data analytics, seamless operations across desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Using such a platform, you can efficiently plan and schedule Line, Base, and Shop Maintenance as well as repair and overhaul activities. Modern aviation maintenance software can automatically identify and deploy the right human and technical resources for the right job at the right time. Since the entire operations get digitized, the MRO teams no longer need to remain burdened with outdated paper-based processes. The seamless cloud access can allow all the crews to work on the go by using the integrated mobile app. In fact, the software automates up to 80% of the regular functions which leads to great time savings. This directly results in a reduction of the turnaround time (TAT), and the cost of human resources for the MRO aviation firms. Further, the optimization brought in by the aviation maintenance software also offers other monetary benefits such as:

Warranty management – You can save up to $6 million savings on warranty

Data access and reporting – Reduction of up to 40% in data corruption

Inventory management – Almost 6% reduction in carrying costs

Contract management – Nearly 10% reduction in revenue leakages

Deploying a cloud aviation maintenance software streamlines and seamlessly integrates all 4 major MRO aviation services:

Component MRO – The software can manage Component Receipt to ARC Release, Quote Management, and Invoicing processes with optimised customer interaction capabilities for better operations, usability, and ease of handling

Engine MRO – All Engine MRO processes including Engine slot management, Work scope evaluation, Engine visit, estimations, build-up, kitting, digitized task card, maintenance tracking, and others are taken care of.

Line MRO – You can use the software to manage AMO and Line station maintenance operations with efficient work scoping, defect reporting and flight service billing, etc

Hangar MRO – Best in class aviation maintenance software will offer the ability to manage the end-to-end cycle from aircraft induction to billing, work scope management, task card digitization, planning, automated invoicing functions, etc

If you want to make a mark in the rapidly growing MRO aviation market in Malaysia, world-class aviation maintenance software is the key to your success!