Kingdom Catastrophes – The Interactive Fairytale Comedy Adventure Game 

There are tons of adventure games available for smartphones. However, not many of these games offer a one-of-a-kind gameplay to get you hooked to playing. A gameplay where you get to make your own choices. We looked and we found one interactive adventure game that is multiplayer and hilarious. So, read more about Kingdom Catastrophes.  

What is Kingdom Catastrophes? 

Kingdom Catastrophes is an interactive fairytale comedy adventure game that is developed for IOS users. It’s a multiplayer game, 1-4 players with constant changes as you play. You make your own choices in this game, unlocking many different stories and discovering hundreds of hilarious endings that will keep you playing and enjoying the adventure.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This interactive fairytale comedy adventure game offers variety of features that will keep players playing. It’s 1-4 players Co-op with over 20 lively fairytale locations for you to explore. Also, you get to go on quests, earn gold, and buy weapons and potions to help you get through the game. 

Build your strength, magic, and charisma to bash and blast, beguiling your way through wacky fairytale situations. The game offers a unique narrative system. There are hundreds of illustrations and interactive stories for a different kind of adventure every time you play.  

Furthermore, unlock stories and discover over a hundred hilarious endings. It transports 4 players to a fairytale world destined for a disaster. Everything in this game depends on your choices and strengths. Amplify your abilities, find your fortune, destroy destinations or exhaust everything to save the kingdom. 

So, download the game now on App Store to enjoy an interactive fairytale comedy adventure! 

Official Website: Kingdom Catastrophes   

App Store Download Link: Kingdom Catastrophes