Heroic Rescue Is a New Pull Pin Puzzle That Offers Mind-Teasing Fun on Mobile

Heroic Rescue Pull Pin Puzzle for Android

The classic puzzle games are fun and popular on mobile. But the different twists of the genre where fun challenges are involved are probably more popular and fun. One such genre is the pull-pin puzzles. In these games, you need to pull the pin and guide either some objects or a person to the rescue. A new game that offers 100+ levels and fun challenges is Heroic Rescue. Let’s see what this pull-pin puzzle game is all about.

Heroic Rescue – Basic Introduction

Heroic Rescue is a casual puzzle game in which you need to save the prince and princess from danger. In 100 levels, all featuring different challenges, you need to pull the pin to get the gems and save the male character or save the princess by getting the male prince character to her.

Lava, Ice, Rocks, and More

As expected, the starting levels of Heroic Rescue are easy. You need to just get the coins and gems to the prince. However, as you progress there will be super-hard challenges involved with lava, ice, rocks, and more. You need to avoid any touches with them to successfully complete the levels. To do so, logic and problem-solving skills will be required when choosing the order of pin pulling. Also, you have 3 lives and you can purchase extra lives within the game.

Heroic Rescue is located in a medieval environment and features themed graphics, music, and sounds. You can turn the sounds off and enjoy the game with your favorite music. Additionally, the game is available offline which allows you to play it anywhere and save on data and battery. The game was launched this January for Android and you can play it for free with no in-app purchases. Although you can purchase a package to remove ads in the game.