TextArt – The Unique Photo Text Editor

Photo editors for smartphones can help you edit photos like a pro and take photos to the next level to give them a more professional and interesting look. Because there are many photo editors available to choose from, we looked and we found one photo editor for you to add text on photos like a pro, add visual effects, edit and more. Read more about TextArt.  

What is TextArt? 

TextArt is a unique photo text editor that is developed for Android users. Write on photos like a pro with ease using multiple available functions and photo effects. Add your favorite quotes to any photo, create beautiful sayings, and much more with this app. Keep up with new trends, write text over photos and create masterpieces with this app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This photo text editor has a professional design interface and it’s easy to use. You can write on photos with various text effects, fonts, and sample quotes. The app offers thousands of handpicked packages of picturesque images. Choose among hundreds of photo filters to apply on your photos.  

On this app there is a huge text and image library for you to create amazing pictures with ease. You can choose among beautiful frame patterns, divided in different subjects for you to easily discover. On this app you can even add visual effects on your images.  

It’s offering basic image editing operations for you to resize, cut, obscure, undo/redo images too. Create photos that tell a story with this app, inserting text and editing photos as you want. Beautifully designed fonts, modern app design, and tools to edit photos are available for you to create unique photos and to share them on social media with others with just a click using this app.  

Download the app now on Google Play to write on photos, edit photos, and create masterpieces! 

Official Website: TextArt  

Google Play Download Link: TextArt