HeavyBag Pro – The Must-Have App for Punching Bag and Shadow Boxing Training  

Male Athlete boxer punching a punching bag with dramatic edgy lighting in a dark studio

There are tons of training apps with many different workouts available to try. However, if you are into punching bag or shadow boxing training, looking to learn new combos and level up your skills, there are apps for that too. We looked and we found a must have app for punching bag and shadow boxing training. So, read more about HeavyBag Pro.  

What is HeavyBag Pro? 

HeavyBag Pro is a must-have punching bag training app for punching bag or shadow boxing training that is developed for IOS users. It offers you the chance to learn hundreds of new kickboxing or boxing combos for all combat sports. Start training and level up your skills with this app while never running out of ideas, from technique, drills, HIIT and partner punching bag workouts, all available on this app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This punching bag training app offers features that act like your own fighting training that gives you guidance for heavy bag training. It’s suitable for enthusiasts of any combat sport that already learned basics and want to advance their skills.  

The workouts on the app are in categories like boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and K1, suitable for practitioners of martial arts. Use the app to shadowbox at home, master on a boxing bag or during sparring in the gym. Guided ready-to-go workouts are available, just press start and train.  

You can create workouts from any combos or techniques you want to focus on. Master single punches or kicks and combos to add to your arsenal with this app. Train on your own and keep up the intensity with the boxing timer. New workouts and combos are added weekly. It has a free version with 3 full workouts and an interval round timer and premium version with all features and exercises.  

Download the app now on App Store for exciting guided punching bag workouts! 

Official Website: HeavyBag Pro  

App Store Download Link: HeavyBag Pro