PickleJar – The World’s Biggest Tip Jar for Fans and their Favorite Local Artists  

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There are many ways nowadays for you to connect with your favorite local artists and show your support. However, if you are looking for a simple and fast way to support your favorite local artists and get more of their live performances. And even as an artist to engage audience, receive tips, and more, we looked and found the app for that. Read more about PickleJar.  

What is PickleJar? 

PickleJar is the world’s biggest tip jar that is developed for IOS users. It’s a live entertainment and payments app for artists, musicians, and content creators as well as their fans. This is an easy and fun way for fans to support their favorite local artists and get more of their live performances with song requests, shout outs, and audience participation. Artists keep 100% of the tips.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This live entertainment and payments app offers features for fans to support their favorite local artists just to show their appreciation. Artists on this app get the chance to engage their audience and receive tips. Also, to showcase their talents to build their brand without expenses.  

Fans get instant access to the performances through direct messages and picture sharing, earning loyalty rewards, achievement badges, and exclusive Tip to Win giveaways. The app has its own digital currency for fans to redeem free concert tickets, merchandise, and VIP expenses. With every tip you earn PickCoins you can redeem.  

Using this app, artists get marketing tools and free performance engagement. It will connect artists to their fans as well as new audience, completely changing the entertainment experience of any stage, stream, or PickSpot. Its stiches together numerous artist services, and upcoming entertainment information. A find-fast, tip-now, share-this way to get more out of performances.   

Download the app now on App Store to connect with audience and show support to favorite artists! 

Official Website: PickleJar  

App Store Download Link: PickleJar