smartChord – The App for Every Musician  

All the apps and resources available for musicians on the Internet have completely transformed the musical landscape. It’s now possible to access every tool you need but if you want all the tools a musician needs in one place, we looked and we found one app that offers all of this and more. Read more about smartChord.  

What is smartChord? 

smartChord is the music app for every musician that is developed for Android users, from beginner to professional. It offers more than million chords and fingering options, integrating interlocking tools like Chord progressions, songbooks with setlists as well as basic tools. Whether for the classroom or for fun, this app offers everything a musician’s heart desires.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This app offers the ultimate chord reference. Almost all chord types and possible fingerings are available, for variety of instruments. It includes over 500 predefined tunings and it supports any tuning with 3 to 8 strings. There are modes suitable for every skill level and easy to use features like filter, search, sort, favor. It’s for right- and left-handed people with the Solfege and Nashville number system.  

You can find and save all the songs you like. Millions of songs are available for every instrument and tuning. Transpose between instruments, tunings, keys. Import, export, synchronize, and share with friends. It also offers an intelligent word wrap zoom, integrated audio player with A-B loop as well as online editor and lyrics viewer. Organize songs, share lyrics and more with this app.  

It offers a precise chromatic tuner with special modes for beginners and string changes as well as pitch pipe mode for training the musical ear. Over 1000 different scales for improvisation are available with diatonic chords, patterns, and reverse scale search. Use the picking pattern trainer to learn and discover patterns, apply them to songs and practice. The Metronom offered is for perfecting the timing, the optical, acoustic, vibration. Learn, train, test equipment, and more with this app.  

Download the app now on Google Play to enjoy everything your musician heart desires! 

Official Website: smartChord  

Google Play Download Link: smartChord