Fidget Frenzy – The Super Fun Fidget Puzzle Game  

Popular colorful anti-stress touch toy dragon shaped fidgets push pop it in the hands of a child.

Puzzle games are one of the most popular games played long before smartphones were created. However, nowadays there are many puzzle games available for you to play on the go, on your phone. So, if you are a fan of super fun but challenging puzzle games, we looked and found a puzzle game that you need to try. Read more about Fidget Frenzy.  

What is Fidget Frenzy? 

Fidget Frenzy is a super fun and addictive fidget puzzle game that is developed for IOS users. It’s easy to play with sharp graphics, cool design and sound effects to enjoy. Challenge your skills and try to collect all the fidgets you can. Endless fun for you on the go, trade fidgets, grab pop-ups and become the ultimate fidget trading master with this game.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This fidget puzzle game offers an addictive gameplay and variety of features to get you hooked to playing. In this game you get to trade unique fidgets and try to become the ultimate fidget trading master.  

Develop speed and psychological mastery with this game. See if you can collect all the fidgets. There are over 50 levels of fidget trading in this game to put your skills on the test as you try to solve the puzzles. Play on the go, anytime and anywhere.  

Trade unique fidgets, grab unique pop-ups and try to collect as much fidgets as possible. React fast and sharpen your mind with this puzzle game, testing your skills in many levels while having fun trading the most unique fidgets.  

Download the game now on App Store to become a fidget trading master! 

App Store Download Link: Fidget Frenzy