Folder Shortcuts – The Convenient Shortcut Creator App


For many users, organizing your files and folders and keep track of all of them can be really time-consuming and annoying. However, nowadays there are apps to keep you organized. We looked and we found one shortcut creator app for you to create file and folder shortcuts for easy access right from your phone. Read more about Folder Shortcuts.  

What is Folder Shortcuts? 

Folder Shortcuts is a shortcut creator app that is developed for IOS users. It allows you to easily access all files and folders in your phone’s memory and iCloud. Add folder and file shortcut widgets on your home screen to access at any time. Arrange files and folders for easy access without much effort with this simple but convenient shortcuts app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This file and folder link widget with its features is easy to use, allows you to create shortcut widgets on the device’s home screen and add links to existing files and folders in your phones and iCloud memory. To create shortcuts and add links is easy with this app. Use the video tutorial to get the training.  

Add links to files and folders from both the local memory of your phone and the iCloud drive. You get flexibility to see and access files and folders from one single place, saving you time and effort. The widgets are customizable, change background color and displayed shortcut for each widget.  

It comes at a very reasonable price, a one-time payment to use the app without limitations. The app is flexible, allows you to create widgets of 3 different sizes for you to choose a size that suits, your taste and needs. Customize your home screen, keep your files and folders easily accessible at all times from one place with this app.  

Download the app now on App Store create file and folder shortcuts for easy access from one place! 

App Store Download Link: Folder Shortcuts