Laxis – Your AI Meeting Assistant  

Meeting assistant apps can automate meeting-related tasks and streamline workflows. If you are looking for a simple and yet powerful meeting assistant for more effective and productive meetings, we looked and we found one AI meeting assistant for simple and seamless way for you to capture your meetings. Read more about Laxis.  

What is Laxis? 

Laxis is AI meeting assistant that is developed for IOS users. It offers you a simple and seamless way of capturing your meetings and the notes from it with accurate transcriptions. This app automatically analyzes the transcripts to provide you with actionable insights. It’s the app for you to benefit from more effective meetings, take accurate notes, real-time transcriptions and be more productive.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This AI meeting assistant offers variety of features and benefits for more effective meetings. With this app you can use customizable meeting templates and tags to set before each type of meeting and connect those with your Google Calendar.  

During meetings you can use the app to take real-time transcriptions and highlights. It has the option for one-click tagging for you to quickly review the most important parts of your meeting.  After your meetings, this app can help with insight and quotation management.  

You can use it to search across all the conversations after your meetings. The app auto-saves transcriptions and highlights to the Laxis cloud. Using this app will improve the meeting productivity, research quality, help you stay on track with projects and keep your team in alignment too.  

Download the app now on App Store to use an AI assistant for better meeting productivity! 

Official Website: Laxis  

App Store Download Link: Laxis