Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure – The Thrilling Escape Adventure Game 

For those who may not know, escape games are placing you in a room or a situation where your goal is to escape. Some of these games are simple and some more complex. However, if you are looking for an exciting escape and survival game to put your skills on the test, we found one escape adventure game for you. Read more about Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure.  

What is Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure? 

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure is a thrilling escape adventure game that is developed for IOS users. It’s easy to play but hard to master with sharp graphics, cool design and sound effects to enjoy. In this game you will put your skills on test as you try to solve the puzzles and find your way out of the old city prison in Alcatraz.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This escape adventure game offers a thrilling but challenging gameplay that will get you hooked to playing. In this game, you find yourself charged as criminal and locked in the old city prison in Alcatraz. The goal is for you to escape the prison.  

Solve the puzzles and find the right items that can help you make your escape in the game. It will put your mind to work as you try to solve the puzzles and find your way out. Discover useful tools, find hidden clues, and a way to escape.  

Escape the remote forest islands, travel to the heights of the Himalayas, and discover the way out of an ancient Mayan temple, all with this game. Test your skills with these escape puzzles and enjoy the exciting adventures.  

Download the game now on App Store to find your way out of the prison! 

App Store Download Link: Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure