On the Rox – The Versatile Social App to Keep up with the Author V.S Griffin  


Author V.S Griffin is known for many published works, from children’s books to journals and planners for self-care and mental health. If you are a supporter looking to get access to her works, keep up with the author and connect with fellow supporters, we looked and we found one versatile social app for you to do that. So, read more about On the Rox.  


What is On the Rox? 

On the Rox is a versatile social app that is developed for IOS users. It’s designed to give you access to everything related to author VS Griffin and fellow supporters. Easy to use and user-friendly, this app allows you to keep up with the author. Express yourself, interact with fellow supporters, access published works, and much more in one place.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This versatile social app gives you access to everything VS Griffin and fellow supporters related. VS Griffin has been in the music industry as accomplished pianist but retired to pursue writing, publishing variety of works, from children activity books, to self-care mental health journal and planner.  

Just create a profile and access the premium features with no extra cost. You will get birthday acknowledgment and the chance to interact with users in the social sections. Also, you can express yourself and chat with users, follow friends and keep up with the author in regular live chat sessions.  

Furthermore, on the app you get access to all published works by this author with no extra cost, with previous and future books availability. Shop within the app and purchase official merch from the author. Discover and shop with favorite vendors and get discounts for purchases you make in the merch store.  Weekly mental check-ins mostly hosted by the author will be available as well. 

So, download the app now on App Store to keep up with the author V.S Griffin! 

Official Website: On the Rox  

App Store Download Link: On the Rox