TILA – The Ultimate Solution for Falling Asleep Easy 


A variety of apps offer relaxing sounds, guided meditations and stories for falling asleep with ease and resting well. However, if you are looking for an app that offers all the exercises and tools you need in one place to fall asleep with ease and rest your mind and body, we looked and we found one app for the Hispanic community. Read more about TILA. 


What is TILA? 

TILA is an emotional health app that is developed for IOS users. It’s the ultimate solution for falling asleep easy, helping sleep-deprivation and anxiety. Find rest and get more sleep with the help of this app, designed exclusively for the Hispanic community. It comes with original natural sounds, audios, guided meditations, ASMR, bedtime stories and more for relaxing the body and mind.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This emotional health app can help you rest and sleep better. It’s equipped with original nature sounds, audios, binaural sounds, guided meditations, white noise, ASMR, and bedtime stories in Spanish for your mind and body. Handpicked recordings by experts in the fields of mindfulness and wellness.  

On this app you can find the mind-breathing exercise section regulated with a timer. You can do these exercises a few times a day to put your mind and body in a calm state. Wake up with energy and achieve deep rest with the app’s unique section of sounds, music, and stories you can pick what you like.  

There is a meditation section, suitable for both beginners and experts with guided meditation in 4 different voices. Meditation programs that last from 7 to 20 days are available to encourage you to stay consistent. Quick meditation programs for busy people can be found as well as programs based on a person’s feelings in a specific moment. For moms and babies there is a section too, curated with appropriate stories, lullabies, meditations, white noise, and relaxing sounds for falling asleep with ease.  

Download the app now on App Store to enjoy the ultimate solution for better rest and sleep! 

Official Website: TILA  

App Store Download Link: TILA