WorkinTool PDF Converter Review 2022-Best Free PDF Editor

If you’re like me who work with a lot of PDF files you find that they can sometimes be difficult to edit. They are files that are generally hard to adjust. In-fact they cannot be edited without some kind of software. But, thankfully there are software available that allow you to convert your PDF into word or excel documents, for example. One of the best PDF Converter I’ve come across is from WorkinTool

The Free PDF Editor from WorkinTool is packed with features that allows the user to easily edit and convert the PDF files right from your computer. Regardless of a PC or Mac operating system, you can quickly have the perfect edit you want. The software’s interface is easy to navigate even a child can do it. 

There are different formats that you can turn your PDF file into, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even images. With WorkinTool PDF Converter this can be done with minimal effort. The software even allows you to turn various documents into PDF format. Merging and compressing your PDF into one document is done instantly and couldn’t be any easier. Have you ever thought about adding watermarks to your documents, again WorkinTool PDF converter can do this too. If you have multiple pages in your file, the software allows you to delete which ever one you want, without compromising the file. 

With WorkinTool PDF Converter you can convert PDF to Word document so you can edit what you want. What about a PowerPoint slideshow, you can get a PDF into editable form as well. And if your PDF file contain images, the software will quickly extract all the images so you can save them and use how you wish. One feature that I never thought was possible is the PDF to HTML. You can change PDF files to editable HTML files.

WorkinTool PDF Converter works in two version, you can download the desktop version or use the tool directly online. Using the software online has it’s perks such as quick easy access, no need to download the full system and all files are supported. The downfall to the online version is that it only allows four files to be converter at a time and a maximum of 50MB size of each upload. With the desktop version there are no limits and once it’s downloaded it doesn’t need internet access to work.

Convert PDF to Word

A quick example of how fast and efficient it is to convert PDF to Word document is done by opening the tool. Choose the PDF to Word tab. You then have to select the file or you can drag and drop it into the tool. Choose where you want to save the file and click convert. Once the file converts you can click to open the document.

WorkinTool pdf Converter is free to download. Give it a try to see just how quick and easy you can now edit PDF files.