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Underwater training is not just about teaching your mind to stay calm but to train your body to cope with the rigors of prolonged apnea. There are apps nowadays for you to train and improve your apnea skills. We looked and we found one essential app for personalized apnea training that offers this and much more. So, read more about STAmina Apnea Trainer.  


What is STAmina Apnea Trainer? 

STAmina Apnea TraIner is an essential apnea training app that is developed for IOS users. It’s designed to help you improve your apnea skills by increasing breath-holding time and developing CO2 tolerance. It’s all about O2 and CO2 tolerance tables that can be configured to correspond your skill level. With visual and voice notifications it leads you through your workouts.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This apnea training app offers variety of features to improve your apnea skills. You can synchronize the app with Apple Health and track completed exercises as Mindful Minutes in Apple Health. The tables generator available automatically creates exercises that match your level.  

It offers male and female voice guidance that is recorded by professional voice actors. Also, you will never miss a workout with the training reminders available. Set a schedule that suits you and keep making progress.  

Track your progress with unlimited log entries on the app. It’s offering you personal best tracking and history with special timer to test your best results. On the app there are different kind of exercises, from CO2 tolerance tables, O2 deprivation tables, mix tables, wonka tables, custom ones to pranayama exercise too.  

So, download the app now on App Store as the essential tool for apnea training! 

Official Website: STAmina Apnea Trainer    

App Store Download Link: STAmina Apnea Trainer