RocketBot – The Platform that Bridges the Gap Between Crypto and Social Media












There are tons of cryptocurrency apps available to choose from. However, not many of these apps can bridge the gap between crypto and social media. Because of it , we looked and we found one personal assistant that introduces a new spectrum of user feasibility for using cryptocurrencies in social media. So, read more about RocketBot.  


What is RocketBot? 

RocketBot is a social media cryptocurrency payment platform for IOS users. It bridges the gap between crypto and social media. This user-friendly personal assistant allows you to maintain your social media activity. You can deposit and send coins, tip friends, reward followers and more. It introduces a whole new spectrum of user feasibility for cryptocurrencies in social media platforms.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This app offers variety of features for using crypto in social media platforms. It’s targeting 4 types of people. People as advertisers that use social media to promote as well as influencers and token project shillers. Also, it targets token project that needs engagement and distribution and users that hunt cryptocurrencies.  

The personal native universal wallet stores your cryptocurrencies. You will get access to instant deposits and withdrawals through social media accounts. Also, there are no fees with the app. Withdrawals are subject to fees only incurred by blockchains of respective crypto. Also, you can use this app to reward followers and friends on social media. The app has different rewarding options like tipping, running airdrops, and giveaways.  

Furthermore, an extended usage of services is available by simply locking tokens that users receive back once the period service ends. The captcha system allows admins to protect their social media groups from frauds. In addition, the app integrates itself into social media. At this instant, you can integrate it on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. Register a main account for all social networks.  

So, download the app now to bridge the gap between using cryptocurrencies and social media! 

Official Website: RocketBot  

Web Wallet: RocketBot 

Merge BCDG USA LLC: Merge Blockchain Development Group  

Community Token:  Project Merge Token 

App Store Download Link: RocketBot  

Google Play Download Link: RocketBot