Forerunners Gospel Part 1 – The Thrilling 2D Car Chase Game  


Driving and racing games are quite popular in the all of mobile gaming. These games can be extremely thrilling and challenging for your skills. There are tons of these games to choose from. We looked and we found one thrilling 2D car chase game that bridges faith, media, and technology. Read more about Forerunners Gospel Part 1.  


What is Forerunners Gospel Part 1? 

Forerunners Gospel Part 1 is a thrilling 2D chase game that is developed for IOS users. It bridges faith, media, and technology. Following Jon, Peta, and Jude as futuristic re-imaginations, wrongfully imprisoned, this game requires from you to make a plan for escape. Escape towards freedom and the promise of the savior that waits for you on the other side.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This 2D chase game with its features, thrilling and addictive gameplay will get you hooked to playing. It follows Jon, Peta, and Jude wrongfully imprisoned and banished to the dystopian city of Nemean. Your task is to create a plan and make your escape.  

Different checkpoints are needed for you to complete each mission and get to your freedom. It will put your skills on the test as you try to race and escape and get to the savior. Avoid obstacles on the way, drive fast, and get away from the enemies.  

Shoot and kill your enemies before they get to you to successfully make your escape. With simple on-screen controls you can smoothly maneuver the car, use weapons to shoot, and there’s even a map to guide you through your escape. There is part 2 and 3 from the story to download as well.  

Download the game now on App Store to make your escape from imprisonment! 

Official Website: Forerunners Gospel Part 1   

App Store Download Link: Forerunners Gospel Part 1  

Forerunners Part 2 & 3 Download Link: Forerunners