In Sequence – The Classic Board Game with a Modern Twist 

Board games are one of the most popular games played long before smartphones existed. However, these games are now available for your phone, for you to play anytime and anywhere. If you are looking for a classic kind of board game to play on the go and test your skills, we looked and we found one classic board game with a modern twist. So, read more about In Sequence.  


What is In Sequence? 

In Sequence is a classic board game with a modern twist developed for IOS users. It’s fun, friendly, and challenging to play and it’s suitable for all ages. Challenge players worldwide and test your skills against other opponents. Just place chips and create rows, the first one to create two rows of five chips wins. Think strategically and have fun playing, having the most exciting board game right in your pocket.

Why Do We Love It? 

This classic board game offers variety of features to get you hooked to playing. It offers a multiplayer mode, you can play against friends or random opponents as well. Complete challenges and chat with opponents when playing. The game has an online indicator to show if opponents are still online. Earn coins as you play and use those coins to unlock new cool avatars.  

In this game there are two game modes. The 24-hour game mode where you have 24 hours to respond to the game whenever it’s your turn, giving you the freedom to relax and play whenever you have time. Also, there’s the  60 second game mode where you need to respond in 60 seconds, challenging you to beat the clock and win. The rules in this game are simple.  

The first one to create two rows of five chips win. Players are dealt seven cards representing the options of placing chips on the board. Select a card you wish to play and the one of the locations on the board that matches the card. Players take turns placing chips and creating rows. There are a few ways of getting a row or stopping the opponent from getting one. Play, be strategic, and win the game. 

So, download the game now on App Store to play a fun classic board game with a modern twist! 

Official Website: In Sequence  

App Store Download Link: In Sequence