Calcium – The Perfect Health Guide App

Now more than ever is the time we need to start looking after our health. The world was hit by a pandemic only a year ago and it made us all re-evaluate our lives and well-being. A healthier lifestyle is important simply because we all want to live longer. It really isn’t hard to keep a healthy life but we tend to make things get in the way, which is completely understandable. Most people have a busy schedule and sometimes the last thing on our mind is our health until it catches up. We spend more and more time on our phones,  that’s why it’s great that Calcium LLC has created an App to make being healthier just that bit easier.

Calcium allows you to take full control of your family’s health in the palm of your hand. You can track your health and medical data from the doctor’s office. You can also link the data from your Fitbit and Apple health directly to the Calcium App. You can easily keep track of medication, symptoms of any ill health, and note all the conditions. The ability to remotely monitor your family’s prescriptions and follow their progress is amazing. ‘Care for elderly parents with chronic conditions or young kids learning to manage childhood conditions like asthma, allergies, or diabetes.’

You can make a chronological record of all the issues and symptoms you have, right within the app. You will then be able to easily show your doctor what’s been happening. If you run an organization, you will be able to manage COVID testing and tracking requirements with Calcium HIPAA-compliant tools. You can easily upload testing reports and vaccination cards, with an easy-to-use admin dashboard means you’ll save time and keep your teams safe.

Features of Calcium:

Personal Health Pathways
– Health improvement programs are clinically designed and personalized
– Health data can be recorded manually and wirelessly
– Access our growing library of clinically designed health improvement pathways
– Personal health care pathways are designed by medical, health, and wellness professionals
– Personalized health care programs to achieve your specific health goals – whether it’s losing 5 pounds, managing your child’s asthma, or helping your elderly parent recover from a procedure

Care For Your Family
– Healthy living & care for your elderly parents or young children
– Track medicine, conditions, and treatment for your family
– Track health, symptoms, and medical progress, such as temperature and blood pressure

Recover Faster
– Calcium works with hospitals and surgery centers to improve patient care before and after procedures
– Let health care managers know how to best speed your recovery
– Medical providers can use Calcium for pre-and post-operation care

Health Data Stays Protected
– Health-related data is gathered from various apps, devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)
– Calcium gathers medical records & tracking data in a secure cloud-based environment
– Medical records stay secure and protected

Fitness Tracker Data
– Add tracking data from many leading fitness devices, including:
– Fitbit, Garmin, Withings, Omron, ActivLIFE, Apple Health, Bewell Connect, Boltt, Epson, iHealth, Kiqplan, Life Fitness, Lifetrak, Lumo, Mindful Meal, Misfit, Movable, MyFitnessPal, PearSports, Personalabs, Polar, Precor, Runkeeper, StepsCount, Strava, Striiv, Suunto, Swimtag, TomTom, Under Armour, and VitaDock

Medical Devices
– Collect and track data from top medical and vitals tracking devices, including:
– Fitbit, Garmin, Omron, Withings (Nokia), AsthmaMD, Bewell Connect, BodiMetrics, Body Trace, Emfit, FatSecret, Fora care, Healthbot, Higi, iGlucose, iHealth, iProven, Kiqplan, Misfit, MyDario, Ozmo, PredictBGL (ManageBGL), Qardio, RxCheck, Sleepimage, Telcare, and VitaDock

Calcium gives you total control of your health and allows you to get back on track for greater well-being and lifestyle. A healthier life starts with Calcium.

Download the Calcium on the Google Play Store and AppStore.