Connected – The Smart Family Locator and GPS Tracker 















If you like knowing your family is safe and you want to keep track of your loved ones at all times, there are apps to ease your mind and keep your family safe and protected. We looked and we found a smart family locator and GPS tracker for you to protect your loved and stay connected with them at all times. So, read more about Connected.  


What is Connected? 

Connected is a reliable family locator and GPS tracker that is developed for IOS users. It helps you find your family and friends. Keep track of their location in real-time for protection. Help each other in your circle to stay safe at all times. It’s a smart and convenient app for you to be safe, protect loved ones, and stay connected.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This family locator and GPS tracker offers variety of features to keep your loved ones safe and protect them. Keep track of location in real-time and share locations between family members to stay connected at all times.  

Parents can use the app to easily find their kids. Just invite family members and friends to stay connected in a circle available only for you and them and set circles as you prefer. Create and join circles with unique codes or by sharing a link. keep yourself and family members up to date with whereabouts. Also, you can add places and get notified when members of the group enter or leave them.  

Furthermore, assign members to ring and location your stolen/lost phone even on a silent/vibration mode. Check activities of members in your circle in the past 30 days and even send/receive help alerts within the circle. Share location in real-time. Get and send notifications when entering/leaving place, checking in at any location, when you driver over speed limit, and more with the app.  

So, download the app now on App Store to locate your family and friends at all times to keep them safe! 

App Store Download Link: Connected