Liquid Sort Puzzle – The Fun and Relaxing Water Sort Puzzle Game 


Puzzle games are one of the most popular games played long before smartphones. Nowadays puzzles are available for smartphone players that like testing their mind and playing on the go. We looked and we found one super fun and relaxing puzzle game for you to train your mind. Read more about Liquid Sort Puzzle.  


What is Liquid Sort Puzzle? 

Liquid Sort Puzzle is a fun and relaxing water sort puzzle game that is developed for Android users. It will test your skills and train your mind as you try to sort the colored liquid in the bottles till all the colors are in the same bottle. With one-finger to play control, sharp graphics, and entertaining sound effects, you can play this game anytime and anywhere.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This water sort puzzle game will get you hooked to playing fast. Just tap any bottle to pour liquid color into another bottle. You can only put the liquid if the color on the top of each bottle is the same. And only pour if there’s enough space on the target bottle.  

One-finger to play, just tap and pour liquid. It has unlimited levels to test your skills as you try to fill up the bottles until they are filled with the same colors. Easy to play and yet hard to master, this game will train your brain with each new puzzle.  

No time limits in this game or WiFi needed, play whenever and wherever you want. Restart levels anytime, put your mind to work to solve each puzzle, and fill up the bottles with the suitable colors to win.  

Download the game now on Google Play to solve the puzzles and train your brain! 

Official Website: Liquid Sort Puzzle  

Google Play Download Link: Liquid Sort Puzzle