Enchanted Blocks – The Block Puzzle Game with Endless Possibilities 


There are tons of puzzle games to enjoy whenever you want to put your mind to work. However, if you are looking for a quick fun escape whenever you are solving puzzles and training your brain, we looked and we found one block puzzle game that offers endless possibilities for you to enjoy. So, read more about Enchanted Blocks.  


What is Enchanted Blocks? 

Enchanted Blocks is a block puzzle game that is developed for IOS users. Super fun to play with sharp graphics and cool sound effects, it offers casual gaming for your mind. Tons of block puzzles to solve with endless possibilities to keep your brain sharp and test your skills. It’s an ideal puzzle to work your mind and offer a quick escape.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This block puzzle game offers a gameplay and features that will get you hooked to playing. With simple tap controls, this game will put your mind to work as you try to solve the block puzzles. In this game you need to fill in the grid with fun block shapes to make complete lines. 

The more lines you make in the game, the better. It’s offering endless possibilities for you to solve the block puzzles and challenge your puzzling skills. Also, the game has a Time Crunch version for moments in your life when you need a little escape.  

When you get stuck and need help in solving a block puzzle, there are power-ups to help you with it. The more lines you make and the faster you work through the puzzles, higher the scores. Get coins for your achievements in the game and enjoy the infinite block puzzles that will train your mind. 

Download the game now on App Store to solve the block puzzles with endless possibilities! 

App Store Download Link: Enchanted Blocks