Stenos  is A Helpful iOS Personal Assistant to Transcribe All Your Meetings



Many apps are available for you to create, organize, and manage notes. But if you are looking for a way to transcribe all your meetings with ease and stay on top of all your notes, there are apps for that too. We looked and we found an amazing app that can be your personal assistant to transcribe all your meetings. Read more about Stenos. 


What is Stenos?

Stenos is a notes app that is developed for IOS users. It’s a personal assistant that can transcribe all your meetings. This personal note-taker writes all your important meetings for you. It allows you organize them and search them with ease all in one place, and even share them while keeping them completely confidential.


Why Do We Love It?

This notes transcription app offers variety of features for you to keep up with all your meetings. Whenever you have a conversation, you need to record, use this app and it will listen and automatically create minutes based on speech-to text technology, meeting-to-text. 

You will always have your notes and voice recordings complete so you can get back to them later and study the complete transcription. All your transcripts, minutes, and voice recordings are just stored on your device, for your access only, completely private and secure. 

Transcribe your conversations, organize all your notes you take in one place, edit notes as you please, and even share notes. It can speech-to-text in multiple languages, from Dutch, English, German, Danish, Finnish, to Lithuanian. Stay organized and on top of your meetings and conference calls with this app at all times. 

Download the app now on App Store to transcribe all your meetings!

Official Website: Stenos 

App Store Download Link: Stenos