Forerunners Gospel Part 2 – The Exciting Faith-Based Role-Playing Game  


Role playing games are among the most popular games played on smartphones nowadays. Because of their popularity, there are tons of them to choose from. We looked and we found the second instalment of the Forerunners Gospel game where you get to strategize and put your mind to work to solve a puzzle. So, read more about Forerunners Gospel Part 2.  


What is Forerunners Gospel Part 2? 

Forerunners Gospel Part 2 is the role-playing game that is developed for IOS users. It’s the second installment of the Forerunners and in this part, there is a puzzle that needs to be solved. With sharp graphics and cool sound effects, this game will put your skills on test as you try to strategize and solve the puzzle.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This role-playing game bridges faith, media, and technology. In the first game you needed to make your escape, in this part you get to solve a puzzle. It focuses on the present stage with the arrest of Jon the Baptizer and Saul is the lead investigator of the Nemean Escape.  

Saul gets his big opportunity and he needs to solve the puzzle. All you need to do in this game is to be strategic, put your mind to work and try to solve the puzzle. Try to put the images together to get the necessary map 

Also, the movable images are highlighted. You just need to drop the image in the square. So, click, drag, and drop to connected the images and solve the puzzle. Align the pieces in the right order and complete the section. Recover the needed footage and be careful not to destroy it to solve the puzzle.  

So, download the game now on App Store to strategize and solve the puzzle to win! 

App Store Download Link: Forerunners Gospel Part 2