Senheng – Everything You Need in One App 


There are tons of app to give you access to products and services online. However if you are looking for an app that gives access to everything you need in one place while offering super cashback, we looked and we found one app that offers all of this and much more for Malaysia users. Read more about Senheng.  


What is Senheng? 

Senheng is the app developed for IOS users that offers everything you need in one place. It offers an amazing experience and super cashback. For Malaysia, this app is upgraded to offer convenient and superior user experience. It offers more than just consumer electronics; it also promotes more lifestyle products and services for you to get access to everything in just one app.  


Why Do We Love It? 

Senheng offers an official online store for you to find the right products in Malaysia largest consumer electronics official online store. Shop for your favorite gadgets and appliances. It brings more rebates on each purchase to PlusOne members and more ways to earn S-Coin. Reload your mobile anytime to stay connected and earn S-Coin cashback when you top your IDD credit.  

No disruption, play your games and reload game credit within the app with cashback too. Multiple entertainment options within one ticketing platform. Reliable source for hiring trusted household professionals and earning double S-Coin cashback for bookings on the app. Reload your mobile anytime and anywhere with the app in 3 simple steps.  

On the app you can view and manage your PlusOne Membership and enjoy extra benefits like e-Warranty and e-Services. You are always one click away from the latest promotions and deals. Track all order delivery status. Customer support via instant messaging tool is available with enhanced features. Add reviews to help out other users as well. Search on the map for nearby stores and view TV commercials for the latest promotions on the app.  

Download the app now on App Store to get everything you need in one place! 

App Store Download Link: Senheng