Clear Scan PDF Camera Scanner to Scan on the Go

App Review – Clear Scan PDF Camera Scanner to Scan Anything, Anywhere 

Smartphones are useful for so many things. One of those is digitalizing documents. You can use your phone to scan documents and turn them into PDFs. We looked and we found one app that offers all the features you need to digitalize documents anytime and anywhere with high-quality. Read and learn more about it.

Basic Introduction 

This PDF camera scanner is an all-in-one app to scan anything, anywhere. Developed for Android users, it allows you to scan, print, and manage PDF documents with your phone. Get high-quality images, converting photos into functional pdf in a few seconds with just a touch. The app scans any kind of documents and transforms them in PDFs on the go.  


Scan, Print, Manage, and More 

Clear Scan PDF Camera Scanner will organize your life better. Capture a photo and crop the file with the automatic edge detection technology available. It has a bright filter to increase readability with premium colors of the document. Simply, scan, turn files into pdf and even edit handwritten notes with accurate OCR using the app.

Scan almost anything in high-quality. Just use your phone camera to scan and digitalize any kinds of paper documents. It’s quickly, precisely and readily detecting the document’s edges and takes the snap of it. Documents will be scanned clearly and fast using the app. Restore data anytime and anywhere by connecting with drive. Sync and back up all your documents.

You will be able to turn your phone into a portable scanner for capturing notes, business cards, receipts, or any documents. With a single click scan multiple pages and turn them into PDF. PDF or JPG files can be shared via social media, download link you can email or Bluetooth. In a few taps, digitalize files.  

Download it on Google Play to scan anything, anywhere in just a few taps! 

Google Play Download Link: Clear Scan PDF Camera Scanner