Playtime at Night Scare – Hide and Seek Ghosts to Shoot Them  


Arcade games are one of the most popular games to play on your smartphone, on the go. However, if you are looking for something more thrilling and spookier to test your skills while you have fun playing, we looked and we found a ghost shooting arcade game that is fun and yet hardcore for you to try it out. Read more about it.  


General Intro 

Developed for Android users, this ghost shooting arcade is fun to play and yet challenging for your skills. It offers sharp graphics and cool spooky sound effects to enjoy. You are faced with phantoms that you need to defend yourself against and shoot them down in this ghost hunt arcade game. Hide, seek the ghosts and shoot them down.  


Game’s Features  

This ghost shooting game offers a fun horror gameplay and features that will get you hooked to playing. There is a custom playground game mode available to put your skills on the test. All you need to do is hide, seek ghosts and shoot them.

Find the ghost and react fast to shoot them before they get you. Kill as many ghosts as you can to get high scores in the game. There are different phantoms on the playground and you need to destroy them all.

The game has simple controls to shoot down the ghosts. Just react fast and shoot precisely to get rid of them. Be careful, defend yourself, shoot the ghosts, and remove the threat to win the highest scores and become the best ghost hunter. 

Download the game on Google Play to hide and seek ghosts to shoot them! 

Google Play Download Link: Playtime At Night Scare