Journy – The Intuitive Self-Improvement Planner and Daily Tracking App 


There are many ways you can look at personal development from hiring coaches and other professionals to help guide you, to delving into the world of self-help. Thanks to development of apps, many of us can walk around with support and guidance in our pockets. We looked and we found an app like that for you to try it out. Read more about Journy.  


What is Journy? 

Journy is an intuitive self-improvement planner and daily tracking app that is developed for Android users. It helps you streamline your life by putting key calendar planners, reminders, techniques, and tips at your fingertips. Become the best version of yourself through self-discipline with a master plan with actions and tips by effective leaders of our time with the help of this app.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This self-improvement app allows you to track, share, and review your goals. Practice self-discipline with a list of spot checks and actions to assist you on your path to balance. Set in-app reminders to develop self-awareness and hold yourself accountable to completing your goal.  

Never forget the important dates with the app, manage key dates and use in-app reminders to not let them slip by. It provides you with a platform to think through and plan actions for specific events and activities. A quick planning sheet is available to organize yourself and share it via text or email. The master plan can help to get your performance to its peak and review actions you take. 

As guidance use tips, reminders, and techniques to organize your thoughts and modify them with notes for personalized experience. Sheperd your discovery learning and understand the details with free video content from the best educational and motivation platforms. Motivate yourself and become a better version of yourself with the app.  

Download the app now on Google Play to plan, track, and organize your life and improve yourself! 

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