CryptoRize – The Super Fun Puzzle to Play, Win, and Earn Real Coins

There are tons of puzzle games to play on our smartphones. However, not many of these puzzles bring both fun and real earnings. We looked and we found one super fun puzzle game for you to have fun playing, winning, and earning real coins. Read more about CryptoRize.  


What is CryptoRize? 

CryptoRize is a super fun crypto puzzle game developed for Android users that can bring you real earnings. Play, win, and have fun combining coins in this game. Just touch two or more coins of the same reference to earn real BTC, SHIB, ETC, LTC and USDC. It’s fun to play, it’s easy to play, and you can play and earn anytime and anywhere.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This crypto puzzle game offers variety of features for tons of fun playing and tons of earnings. It’s free to play, just combine two or more coins of the same reference to earn real coins. The more coins you select together, the more you will earn.  

No time limit in this game. You just must to complete all available coins together in order to advance to the next level of the game. To finish levels quickly and more efficiently, there are bombs or gems to help you out.  

Invite friends and earn 5% of their withdrawals. You can enter promotional codes to get more points. Find those codes on the Facebook pages. Withdrawals happen every 3 days. Play this crypto puzzle, have fun, win, and earn. 

Download the game now on Google Play to play, win, and earn! 

Google Play Download Link: CryptoRize  

Developer: B Programmers   

Facebook Page: B Programmers