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No more need of guidebooks when travelling. Nowadays, you can let your phone be your guide. If you are a traveler looking to make their travels much better and smooth, we looked and we found one mobile travel guide with all tips, info, and resources you will need for travelling through Iceland. So, read more about All In One Iceland.  


What is All In One Iceland? 

All In One Iceland is a mobile travel guide that is developed for IOS users. It’s easy to use and user-friendly mobile travel guide for travelling through Iceland smoothly. Packed with all information and tips you might need and not miss any Iceland highlight while you are travelling. The app comes guidance, educational info, locations to visit, GPS navigator and more.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This mobile travel guide offers variety of features and functions. It contains the main highlights of Iceland’s history such as places to visit with historical information to educate yourself. A collection of the natural attraction to visit is available on the app as well with descriptions of the places.  

Movie locations of famous movies and shows shot in Iceland can be found in this guide with description of scenes. Also, many geothermal hot springs are scattered through Iceland and the app offers the exact coordinated to finding them.  

A short history with facts about Iceland can be read on this app with key events of history for you to get acquainted with traditions of the country. City guides are also available for learning stories of main cities and getting guidance through attractions. The built-in GPS navigator helps you build a route and guide you to your goal with navigator to points of interest in vicinity along the way you travel.  

So, download the app now on App Store to get the guidance you need for your travel in Iceland! 

App Store Download Link: All In One Iceland