How Should You Collaborate With Natural Beauty Brands?

Many natural beauty brands are working as startup companies whose aim is towards creating a beauty industry that is cleaner, greener, and animal friendly. As a result, they are constantly looking for influencers.

So, whether you are a pro in the business, work as a micro or nano influencer, or just considering joining the beauty industry as an influencer,  here are our five tips on how you should start collaborating with them.

But before we go into the tips, here is a brief overview of why beauty brands are looking for influencers?

One of the primary reasons brands are looking for influencers is to use a personable way to reach the target audience. Using influencers allows them to do that organically. Adding to this, new brands are looking for nano and micro-influencers because they offer more dedicated and personalized services than macro and celebrity influencers.

Furthermore, influencers provide credibility to the brands and the products. Companies are aware that the target audience is smart enough to know when a brand is being honest and when it is a paid promotion.

But whether the status of the natural beauty brands is large or small, they want to collaborate. So the onus is on you to approach these brands professionally as an influencer. The companies are on the lookout to hire influencers who intend to grow with the brand and develop lasting relationships.

So without further ado, here are the five tips on collaborating with organic beauty brands as influencers.

Tip 1: Learn To Impress

You need to impress the brand that is hiring collaborators from the word get-go. If you start with ‘I have 50K followers, would you like to collaborate?’ the chances are your mail is getting to the trash bin.

Most companies will skip over such generic emails that don’t mention the product or brand that the influencer wants to collaborate with. The reason is that the marketing strategists will immediately see that the influencer is just looking for any brand to collaborate with, irrespective of whether it matches their niche.

It is a must that the influencer takes time to research the brand they want to promote, have an engaging social media platform, and has quality content that is consistent to make the first impression. So, when you are putting yourself in the market as an influencer, you have to make it count with the first impression, which includes selecting eye-catching photographs relevant to the brand.

It also includes the layout, font, style, tone, and color of the content that you are sending to the company.

Tip 2: Have A Influencer Media Kit

When applying for a job, you need to provide a CV with your cover letter. The cover letter must be impressive enough to move the hiring team to see your CV. Similarly, in the world of influencers having a media kit is like having a CV.

So, once you have made the first impression with the email, let your media kit do the talking. A media kit should include the following:

  1. A biography
  2. As an influencer, what is your focus and area of interest
  • The demography that you target
  1. The geographic location where you work the most
  2. Different social media platforms where you can collaborate and the different services you offer
  3. Your engagement rate
  • Number of followers, page view counts, and subscribers
  • Link to your blogs and websites and their page view count
  1. Your price rate
  2. Previous works and collaboration
  3. Testimonial and reviews

All these factors, when included correctly, would offer the brand you want to collaborate with an incentive to work with you.

Tip 3: Your Compensation

When you are putting in the hard work as an influencer, you want to get compensated either in monetary, in-kind or with a percentage of the sale. Therefore, it is best to be upfront and clear about it and put it in the media kit.

The way you want to get compensated would give the brands a starting point on how you would like to collaborate with them. Then, based on this, the brands can start the negotiation process. Also, companies prefer to have a clear idea about the compensation they need to offer instead of having no idea what the influencer wants.

Tip 4: Be Yourself

No brand is looking for a second version of Kim Kardashian. If they wanted Kim, they would hire her and not you. So, be authentic and original because that matters to the brands.

Most startups like nano and micro-influencers are building their brand and targeting the audience. So, when the audience is wise to know which influencer is being authentic and what is quality and original content, it is pretty imperative that brands will look for individuals who can offer that.

It is the best way for the brands to develop a relationship with the audience while ensuring that the influencer and the brand have organic growth.

Being authentic also means brands should not treat you like robots and tell you the word byword for content. Companies, too, appreciate unique content on which the influencer can include their own style and spin it.

Tip 5: Request A Brief

When the onus is on you, like the influencer, to create unique content, you must discuss the guidelines regarding the collaboration. It should include the goal, objective, and deliverables.

The brief’s request allows both parties to be on the same page regarding the work. It is always good to request specific details about the campaigns and the initiatives that need to be taken to promote the brand.

Moving Forward

When you want to join this industry, you have to be persistent and keep in touch with the brands that you have or want to work with. Nurturing the relationship will take you a long way and help you to build your own brand as an influencer.

However, if you are unsure which brands to collaborate with or looking for some beauty brands to work with, here is the list.

Also, being in the business, we can help you to get in touch with the right brands and develop your media kit.