Clock Vault – Protect and Secure Everything on Your Phone 




















Vault apps are used for security photos and other sensitive files that someone could get their hands on your unlocked phone. If you are looking for vault app to protect and secure everything your phone, we looked and we found one vault disguised as a clock app on your smartphone for you to try it out. Read more about Clock Vault.  


What is Clock Vault? 

This clock vault app is developed for Android users. It’s a secret vault for your phone to hide, protect, and secure everything on your phone. The app cloaks and adds another level of bank grade protection on your private and secure data, photos, and videos. Take security on your phone to the next level, keep your apps and files protected from prying eyes with this secret clock vault.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This clock vault offers variety of features for you to hide and protect data, photos, videos, and apps on your smartphone. You will only access the protected data and files through a powerful password only you know. It offers multiple layers of protection for hiding confidential information. 

Install the app, set time on the clock as a secret password, set and confirm. You can set a security question to recover the password if you forget. Give permission to access the gallery and apps on your phone, tap done and that’s it. To unlock, simply tap the center of the clock and enter the password.  

It auto discovers photos videos and apps and auto hides them. The app is secretly disguised as a clock app on your phone. It comes with in-built private image viewer, gallery and private video player. Also, it offers an in-built clock vault private browser for safely browsing websites. The app encrypts your data and adds another strong security layer to keep it hidden from anyone else.  

Download the app now on Google Play to protect and secure everything on your phone! 

Google Play Download Link: Clock Vault