JustParkit – The Must-Have Driver App


Drivers on the road can find themselves in all kinds of situations daily. Like someone blocking their car, or them forgetting to turn off the lights and having battery problems. However, what if there is an app for drivers on the road to connect with each other, communicate and share relevant information? We looked and we found that app. Read more about JustParkit.

What is JustParkit?

JustParkit is a must-have driver app that is developed for IOS users. It bridges the communication gap between drivers on the road. Generate your own unique vehicle owner information QR code and get a sticker sent for your car. Like this, other drivers can scan the code and contact you within the app for any emergency and you can do the same to get the owner’s car info and contact drivers on the app.

Why Do We Love It?

This must-have driver app offers a whole network of drivers to communicate with in case of emergency or any situation. Just download the app, create a QR code with your info, enter your details and easily communicate with other drivers. 

The built-in QR car scanner allows you to scan car info and get relevant vehicle owner details for contacting the drivers instantly on the app. Communicate with drivers when someone blocks you on the parking spot, get info about emergencies concerning your car share important info with vehicle owners. With this vehicle owner app you can share even info when you want to sell your car. 

Find out vehicle owner details fast, communicate, and connect with drivers in this community easily. It’s completely private, all contact is made just via this app. Report users if necessary and enjoy the responsive customer support whenever you need it. Just sign up, order and get the QR code, scan stickers to get info, and connect with drivers with ease using this app. 

Download the app now on App Store or Google Play to join the network of drivers to communicate with!

Official Website: JustParkit