Apple has Discontinued the iPod after 20 Years

I owned an iPod almost 15 years ago and it was the best thing I’ve ever bought at the time. The new raving technology and features of being able to listen to my music on such a small device were definitely the greatest things. Today Apple has announced that great things must come to an end and they have fully discontinued the iPod.

It was in October 2001 when Steve Jobs debuted the original iPod it was the first MP3 player that could hold 1,000 songs and had an amazing battery life of 10-hour. Throughout the years’ Apple released 5 versions of its music player; Nano, Shuffle, the Classic, Mini, and Touch. Apple has been killing off the versions over the years and the last one to be put to bed is the 7th-generation iPod touch.

The iPod is definitely the device that paved the way for the iPhone. ‘we have managed to integrate music experience across all of our products,’ says Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice-president of worldwide marketing.

The iPod Timeline

iPod Classic (2001): Packed over 1,000 songs (up to 10GB) into one pocket-sized chassis.

iPod mini (2004): A much smaller (and colorful) iPod with 4GB of storage.

iPod nano (2005): Added a color display, and Steve Jobs had it hidden in the small pocket of his jeans at the product reveal.

iPod shuffle (2nd gen., 2006): Introduced the clip-on design.

iPod touch (2007): The first iPod with the iPhone’s multi-touch display

iPod nano (7th gen., 2012): The thinnest iPod ever at 5.4mm.

iPod touch (7th gen, 2019): The final iPod, supported Group FaceTime and ran on the A10 Fusion chip

It’s not really a surprise that the curtains have been drawn on the iPod. Streaming services have become the thing of the norm and allow you to use an array of devices to listen to music.

You can purchase an iPod Touch at the time of writing this.

Here’s goodbye to a revolutionary device.

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