5 Best iOS-like Launchers for Your Android Smartphones

Many Android smartphone users love the user interface of iOS, but they don’t want to abandon the customizability of their Android devices. Android smartphones are also more affordable, while iPhone models are generally more expensive and have lower value, in terms of features/price ratio. As an open-source platform, Android allows users to install third-party launchers to fully customize the interface, including the lock screen and home screen. Here are a few options to consider:

Launcher iOS 15


It’s a relatively new iOS-like launcher for Android that mimics the appearance of the original iOS 15. The launcher doesn’t only bring the look of the iOS 15, but also some of the functionality. It comes with plenty of animations, styles, icons, and wallpapers that we often associate with Apple’s latest iOS version. With Launcher 15, you will get to enjoy typical iOS 15 features, including 3D touch controls, notification badges, weather info, and widgets. Luckily, this launcher still retains Android-specific capabilities, including the ability to hide apps, edit app names and change icons.

Phone 13 Launcher

Phone 13 Launcher is another iOS 15-like launcher for your Android smartphones. Your device will operate like the latest iPhone model with its specific home screen, widgets, and app library. Users would appreciate its iOS-style notification center, control center, and status bar. There are a few distinctive features that can make your device even more functional. For example, you can search the home screen by swiping down the interface. You will get the typical widgets found on both iOS 15 and Android operating systems. There’s an assistive button with toggles for Bluetooth, airplane mode, and silent mode.

iOS Launcher for Android

iOS Launcher for Android comes from the same developer as Launcher iOS 15. It’s a worthwhile alternative with numerous iOS-like features, combined with the typical customizations of Android. As an example, users are able to customize app folders, search bar, and home screen grid. For commonly-used apps, you can use the quick bar feature. With the Haptic Touch feature, users can easily use shortcuts and peek at messages easily. There’s a built-in lock feature to secure your device against unauthorized usage. If you want additional features like assistive touch or control center, you will need to install additional apps.

Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone doesn’t only give an authentic-looking visual, but also a very stable platform. It comes with various iOS-specific elements like assistive touch, lock screen, control center, notification center, and home screen. There’s also an iOS-specific status bar. There are numerous customizations with widgets, icon packs, and transitions. Users may also personalize folder previews, search bar, infinite scrolling, and desktop grid. If you want to show the notification panel, you only need to swipe down while on the home screen.

X Launcher

X Launcher comes with the older iOS 13 interface, but it should deliver an unprecedented experience, nearly identical to what you get from an iPhone X. If you have an Android smartphone with decent hardware specs, X Launcher should offer adequate experience and visual, which set your device apart. It comes with the typical wallpapers and themes that you would get on iOS 13. There are app-related customizations that you won’t get with the original iOS, including the ability to modify icons and names.

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