Evotiles – The Unique Tile Match Puzzle Game 


Match games are a great way for having fun and playing while training your brain. There are tons of games for smartphones that can offer you that and because of that we looked and we found one tile matching puzzle game to test your skills while you enjoy travelling through different historical ages. Read more about Evotiles.  


What is Evotiles? 

Evotiles is a unique tile match puzzle game  that is developed for Android users. You need to combine the same tiles on the field and earn EVO points for your achievements. Play this game with other players too and see who can go further. It’s based on the principle of the classic 2048 numbers game, match the pairs of tiles that represent an age of history. Travel through the ages and get to the future.  


Why Do We Love It? 

This tile matching puzzle game offers variety of features and the chance to travel through the ages of history. Move the fields on the playing field and match pairs of tiles together. You can combine the tiles to unlock more figures like dinosaurs or mammoths and progress through different ages.  

Collect EVO points for the gaming high score. Use your mind and be strategic, planning your moves ahead. The game is lost when you can’t move any more fields. The level of difficulty is increased as you progress and you can unlock new epochs of evolution.  

It has simple controls with dynamic background and 20 different tiles to discover. There are various gaming skins available, from evolutionary, geo skin, to cute animal skin. Play, match the tiles, compete against others and rank high in this game while travelling through age and getting to the future.  

Download the game now on Google Play to match and solve the puzzles to travel through ages! 

App Store Download Link: Evotiles  

Google Play Download Link: Evotiles