iPhone 15 Will Be The First With USB-C Port

USB-C port has become a standard feature of Android smartphones and it is common even among low-end Android devices. The reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has divulged recently that the iPhone 15 will finally come with the versatile USB-C port. His predictions have a good degree of accuracy and they are obtained from inner sources in R&D facilities and supply chain networks. Previously, we heard numerous rumors that Apple will finally replace its proprietary Lightning port with the universal USB-C port. In fact, the rumors have surfaced since 2017 and Kuo himself has reported on this topic a few times.

If this leak really pans out, the iPhone 14 should be the last model with the Lightning port. Aside from the iPhone series, AirPods and affordable iPad models still have Lightning ports. For other devices, Apple has adopted the USB-C port, which offers much better compatibility and faster-charging speed. Apple’s website is offering a USB-C cable for 25 Euro, so the company will continue getting money from USB-C connectivity. If this rumor materializes, it is certainly a big change in Apple’s operations. Users will be able to connect their iPhones to a large number of devices, which will enhance functionality.

Kuo said that an iPhone with USB-C will arrive in the later months of 2023, which is very likely an iPhone 15. Apple has insisted for a long time that it will continue using the Lightning port, instead of the USB-C. However, the EU is pushing the use of a universal connector, specifically the USB-C to simplify connectivity and reduce e-waste. Although Apple has tried to push back forcefully, they need to adapt to legal requirements from regulators. The lightning port is slimmer compared to the USB-C and it offers greater flexibility. There’s also an argument that the switch to USB-C will result in significant e-waste because any Lightning-related accessories will be unusable.

The USB-C standard is still evolving and in September 2021, a paper about the USB-C 2.1 revision was published, which specifies support for a peak wattage of 240W. At the time, we didn’t know when it will materialize in the market. However, the world’s first 240W USB-C cable is finally available. A small Dutch retailer, Club3D, is selling a USB-C cable with 240W power transfer. This ensures rapid fast-charging capability, especially for devices with a larger battery. The company is selling a USB-C 2.1 cable that’s able to transfer 40GBps of data. In comparison, the USB 2.0 could only transfer 480MBps of data.

As it stands, manufacturers are able to deliver up to 100W of power through the current USB-C cable, which is more than enough for many smartphones and laptop models. That being said, the ability to transfer up to 240W through the latest USB-C standard will make the charging process even faster. This is a good development for Apple because USB-C is becoming more capable of offering rapid charging and quick data transfer. If you plan to purchase an enhanced version of the USB-C cable, make sure that it complies with EPR or Extended Power Range specification.

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