Useful Things to Do When your iPhone is Locked

locked iPhone

Your iPhone is equipped with a wide variety of security measures, including passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID. Your smartphone is essentially a small, portable personal computer. The latest iPhone has powerful internal hardware and large-sized storage. It stores a large amount of personal information and access to various important accounts, including your e-commerce and banking accounts. For this reason, it is important to keep your iPhone securely protected against unauthorized access and usage. Despite the solid security layers, it’s easy to quickly access your iPhone, especially when you enable the Face ID and Touch ID features. Even so, there are times when you want to keep your iPhone locked, and surprisingly, it remains useful in many different ways:


It’s easy to enable a flashlight without unlocking your iPhone first. Check the bottom left corner of your iPhone’s lock screen to find the flashlight shortcut. Alternatively, you can long-press the Control Center tile to adjust the brightness and keep the display on. Next time you are in a dark garage, you can very quickly see your way around with a locked iPhone.

Access Today View

Even by default, Access Today on the lock screen is chock-full of important information. Without unlocking your iPhone, you may check stock updates, weather reports, and the latest news headlines. You can also review your own calendar data, photos, and recent music activities. Although not all widgets are accessible from the lock screen, quick access to information is easy. As an example, without proper authentication, the Screen Time Widget will be blank.


If you want to find out about specific detail, you may swipe down the lock screen, even when it’s still locked. Although you can’t open apps or regular web links, you can still access the Siri Knowledge page. There are also phone numbers for popular stores in the area, but you can’t access the personal phone numbers of your co-workers, friends, and family members.


Quick access to Wallet allows you to conveniently pay for any transaction. You may enable Wallet to work on the lock screen. It is accessible from the Control Center tile or you can double click the iPhone’s home button. However, you need to authenticate any payment with credit cards and Apple Pay payments won’t work through the lock screen. NFC payments are still accessible from a locked iPhone, so you can easily swipe into any public transportation terminal. If you are concerned about security issues, you may opt to disable Wallet access from the lock screen.

Home controls

If you have a smart home network, it is easy to connect your iPhone through the Home app. Although your iPhone is locked, you can control appliances and devices through the Home app with your locked iPhone. If you are concerned about security issues, you may disable this feature as well.


Siri is an incredibly versatile feature that allows you to control devices and get information verbally. You can access Siri by default through a locked iPhone unit. It’s convenient because you often can’t unlock the iPhone when you want to ask Siri something. You can enable Siri by holding down the Home or Side button while the iPhone is locked. You can ask Siri to call someone by saying his/her name. If you know the phone numbers, you can also ask Siri to call them. It’s possible to start a FaceTime call through a locked iPhone.

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