What Apple Should Add to the iOS 16 Update?


The iOS 16 is the next major update for the iPhone’s operating system and it will be announced in early June, during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Other than the iOS 16, we may also get announcements for the next version of watchOS, iPadOS, macOS, and others. Reports about the iOS 16 are quite sparse, which is quite common for earlier iOS versions. There has been little interest in upcoming iOS versions, especially because the last three versions of the operating were largely similar. The iOS 15 doesn’t look much different compared to the previous iOS 14, which in turn was very much like iOS 13. There are certain upgrades and changes, but they are visually similar.

However, the iOS 15 is more secure and smoother, due to a number of background enhancements and fixes. We could expect the same thing with iOS 16 and it will be even more stable than iOS 15. It took a while for Apple to roll out SharePlay and Universal Control, but these features are fully working right now. Even so, we could be hopeful that Apple will add the following enhancements in iOS 16.

Copy and paste in Photos app editing

Newer iPhone models have excellent cameras, which produce good videos and photos. Photos app in your iPhone has a built-in editing feature, which is easy to use. Unfortunately, it still lacks a basic feature, which is the ability to copy and paste. If you want to apply certain adjustments to multiple photos, you will need to do it manually. It’s tedious if you want to increase the brightness level of many photos that you took at night. Adding a copy and paste feature may seem a minor update, but it will significantly improve the usability of the Photos app.

Always-on lock screen

It will be useful if you can glance at your locked iPhone to check missed calls, notifications, and current times. For years, Android has offered this feature and users can get important information while the phone is still locked. Apple Watch Series 5 and newer models already have an always-on lock screen feature, but it’s unavailable on the iPhone. It’s another simple addition that Apple can put in the iOS 16.

Split-screen view

ios 16

Split-screen view feature is now available on the iPad, but not for iPhone. Pro Max variants of iPhone 12 and 13 have a 6.7-inch display, which is adequate for a split-screen view. This means you can watch YouTube videos while checking for the latest emails. In landscape mode, you can take advantage of the bigger screen of Pro Max to check Messages and Mail.


The pencil is another feature that will be useful for iPhone Pro Max variants. Samsung has been proving that a stylus is still a useful tool for large-sized smartphones, particularly the Galaxy S Ultra and Note models. Apple Pencil is now available for iPad Pro, Air, and Mini.

More functional widgets

 iOS 14 added home screen widgets and it’s cleanly implemented. However, home screen widgets are still currently passive and it will be useful if we can tap these widgets to play music or do other tasks.

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