What You Should Know About iPhone Camera Modes?

iPhone camera mode

The latest iPhone models are known for their excellent cameras. When you open the Camera app on your iPhone, you will find many features and settings. There is so much to explore and each camera mode comes with its own useful features. It is easy to change the iPhone camera mode and it’s as simple as going to the bottom of the screen and tapping options.


Photos allow you to take still images and it’s a staple for any iPhone user, especially those who habitually take pictures each day. When you open the Camera app, Photos is the default mode. You may not realize that there are a few tips and tricks that you can find in the Photos app. For example, you can change the ratio to take the photo. The default aspect ratio is 4:3. At the top of the camera, the interface finds an arrow icon and tap it. You can choose an appropriate aspect ratio that matches the monitor of your PC or TV. While you are in the Photos mode, you can record video without changing the mode. Instead of just tapping the shutter button, you may hold on to it to record a video. You may continue recording the video by sliding your thumb towards the lock icon.

Live Photos

This feature is quite popular among many users and it allows you to take pictures of moving objects, like children or pets. When you enable the Live Photos feature, it will record 1.5 seconds before and after the actual photo. It is less likely to capture valuable moments and you can choose the best still images from Live Photos. Alternatively, you may convert Live Photos into animated GIFs that you can upload to social media. You may also use Live Photos as wallpaper on your iPhone.


When you switch to Video mode, the white shutter will turn red. Simply tap on the red shutter to start recording your video. Tap again if you want to stop the recording. While in Video mode, you can also take still photos in it. When recording videos, a white shutter will appear on the screen and you can tap on it to take still photos. If you want to change the video resolution, tap on the HD icon to change it to 4k. Remember that 4k videos take plenty of storage space and it shouldn’t be your default setting if you have an iPhone model with a smaller storage size.


While in the Photo mode, you can swipe to the right to use Portrait mode. When you do this, the background will be blurred while the main subject remains sharp. This means that the depth of field effect is enabled. Remember that Portrait mode will work only if your subject is at a correct distance from the iPhone’s camera. If a white square appears on the display, it means that your subject isn’t in focus. It means you need to move further away or closer. You can take a portrait photo when the square turns yellow.

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