Features Apple Should have on Future iPhone


The iPhone series had gone a long way. Compared to the original iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a vastly improved device, with a larger screen, far more powerful processor, and many new features. Even so, new iPhone models are still lacking certain features that can make them more convenient and useful to use.

Always-on display

People tend to set their smartphone display to turn off after a few minutes and this is often a default setting. It’s a useful feature to extend the life of the battery and conserve battery life. However, there are times when we want to keep the display on when there is information that we want to read. iPhone is known for its excellent battery life and Apple should allow users to enable the always-on feature whenever they need it.

Split-screen multitasking

iPad already supports split-screen multitasking due to its larger screen size. However, iPhone 13 Pro Max with its 6.68-inch already feels like a mini-tablet, and users can conveniently use two separate windows. They can watch videos, while quickly replying to instant messages. With its powerful processor, iPhone should easily handle a couple of apps that run simultaneously on the screen. With proper implementation on iOS, Apple may ensure the fluid transition into or from split-screen multitasking.

A better Siri

Siri debuted on the iPhone 4S and it has become smarter with each major update. Today, it is competing with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The latter doesn’t only provide good integration with Amazon’s other services, but it works well with many third-party services and apps as well. In comparison, Apple is known for with excellent integration with its own services, but Siri still works rather poorly with third-party apps. Also, Siri is excellent for performing simple tasks, such as sending text messages or scheduling reminders. If you ask Siri to do a more complicated task, it will simply give you a relevant Google search result.

Face ID with horizontal orientation

On later iOS versions and iPhone models, Face ID works reliably and securely. It gets better at recognizing a user’s face with improved speed and accuracy. Now, you can use your Face ID while wearing a mask. However, Face ID works only if you tilt the iPhone vertically and you see it directly. It is awkward to fumble around in a cramped subway train trying to unlock your iPhone with a Face ID with vertical orientation.

Apple Pencil support

Apple Pencil was introduced in 2015, which is increasingly a capable and versatile tool for illustrators, digital artists, and other creative professionals. However, Apple Pencil is currently available only for iPad, and in the right hands, it can be an excellent tool for productivity and creativity. With its big 6.68-inch display, iPhone 13 Pro Max has enough space to perform any creative task, including making illustrations.

Better home screen customizations

Compared to iOS 1.0, the current iOS 15.5 doesn’t provide significantly better capabilities, in terms of home screen customizations. It would be better if future iPhone models finally allow users to arrange app shortcuts and widgets manually on the home screen.

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